Prevention of risks in work relations

Schmidt, Valois, Miranda, Ferreira & Agel has a team with considerable experience in questions related to labor law. In the consulting area, we render services to national and foreign companies with activities in Brazil, in matters involving individual and collective rights, including support in mergers and acquisitions, revision of variable compensation plans (profit sharing, stock options), retention plans, voluntary downsizing, international transfer of employees, hiring and dismissing executives, and compliance investigations of HR policies to minimize labor liabilities. We prepare legal opinions and responses to consultations both on traditional labor law themes and those involving new technologies and innovations, such as payment in cryptocurrency, “bring your own device” policies and use of wifi and devices supplied by the employer to monitor employees, among others.

We accompany collective bargaining with unions or collective disputes in the labor courts. We present defenses and accompany preparatory procedures, public civil inquiries and public civil actions filed by the Labor Attorney’s Office (MPT). We also represent clients in arbitrations, including enforcement of confidentiality, non-solicitation and non-compete clauses.

We prepare submissions with high complexity or in cases involving large amounts of money, and support clients in all judicial or administrative phases, including oral arguments before the highest courts.

Our main objective is to find creative solutions tailored for the business activities of clients, able to reduce or minimize risks and costs.

How we can help:

• Analysis of stock option plans and restrict stock units plan (RSUs).

• Support in the merger and acquisitions transactions, both for preparing due diligence and in the subsequent equalization of positions and salaries and harmonization of benefits.

• Advice in corporate reorganization processes and transfer of employees between companies.

• Assistance and direction of outsourcing processes.

• Filing actions aiming at annulling labor assessments and debts.

• Assistance in preparing and reviewing internal policies and Ethics Codes.

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