Petrobras has published, on July 28, 2017, teasers for offers of seven sets of fields in shallow waters, totalling 30 concessions and located in the States of Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, as below:
State Packages Concessions
Ceará Ceará Package Curimã, Espada, Atum and Xaréu
Rio Grande do Norte Rio Grande do Norte Package Agulha, Cioba, Ubarana, Oeste de Ubarana, Pescada and Arabaiana
Sergipe Sergipe Package Caioba, Camorim, Dourado, Guaricema and Tatuí
Rio de Janeiro Pargo Package Carapeba, Vermelho and Pargo
Enchova Package Bicudo, Bonito, Enchova, Enchova Oeste, Marimbá and Piraúna
Pampo Package Badejo, Linguado, Pampo and Trilha
São Paulo Merluza Package Merluza and Lagosta

Petrobras is the operator of all these concessions, with participations of 100%, except for the Pescada and Arabaiana concessions, where the company is the operator with 65% interests. To participate in the process, interested parties must be qualified as an operator A or B by the ANP.
The assets were acquired in “Round Zero”, when the Federal Government ratified the rights of Petrobras in the form of concession contracts for the fields which were effectively in production on the effective date of the Petroleum Law. In the contracts, there are no requirements for minimum local content, which is an attractive feature for potentially interested parties.

It is worth noting that the divestment encompasses not only the company’s interest, but also facilities related to production, such as pipelines, oil treatment stations and platforms.

According to the teaser, the production of the fields began in the 80’s and 90’s, with an expected end in 2025. Although some fields already show a declining production curve, projects to revitalize production and for the extension of the validity of the concession contract are possible.

In addition, interested companies must take into account the costs of future abandonment and decommissioning of the Fields.

To participate in the bid, interested parties must send a statement to Petrobras, confirming that the requirements stated in the teaser have been fulfilled. Information about the assets will be disclosed to registered parties, through a confidentiality agreement, which must be signed on or before September 8, 2017. Companies registered on the National Register of Disqualified, Suspended and Punished Companies will not be admitted, nor companies  which are prohibited from doing business with Petrobras, according to the list available on the Petrobras website.

The teasers of each of the packages offered can be accessed as follows:  Ceará PackageRio Grande do Norte PackageSergipe PackagePargo PackageEnchova and Pampo Packages, and Merluza Package.

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